New technology pushes change and the competition is global. Digital processes and connectivity are normal, the future is online- no doubt about that. The need for new competences is rapidly increasing.

At Hisland we see three different areas that will change quicker than others:

The ability to digitalise processes and connect all types of units to internet
In “internet of things” all sorts of industrial equipment are connected to allow data and information flow freely between machines, on the industrial floor, through the cloud and within the whole chain of events.
To build and maintain safe networks we need new talents that can manoeuvre in the interface of telecom, industrial application and traditional IT.

The ability to use automated and autonomous machines – and to keep them going
Automated processes and machines, robots and steering systems are used more often today than before. To keep them calibrated, correctly measured and maintained new combinations of competence are required. Applications, equipment construction, mechatronics and programming in more areas are needed. In addition, the skill to automatize simple tasks with low technology – “ IoT Karakuri Kaizen” will be more important in the continuous work of improvement.

The capacity to analyse and make use of a never-ending stream of information from connected units
Connected units produces a big amount of data. Transforming data to intelligence will be a new core competence and designing and building the systems that does the job becomes more important. Knowledge within data storage, advanced statistic analysis through machine learning and artificial intelligence must be developed and used. Furthermore, the ability to make an analysis close to where the reality happens ( gemba) must be improved as the amount of information increases by the minute.

A digitalised smart connected future waits around the corner. When you can identify possibilities of improvement on the floor, make changes and understand how the bigger picture should be simplified and coordinated- that is when the full potential is realised.

Hisland has the competence and experience to help you keep tack of both old and new methods.

Let’s do this. Together!

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