Global warming. Fossil fuels are outdated. Without a real change we are facing a catastrophe. We need technology for a climate neutral energy production. Renewable energy that is produced more cost effective than traditional fossil fuelled energy will be the reality within a few years. The demand is immediate. The interest in all kinds of applications is substantial - from big powerplants to local warm water systems for domestic use.

We need technology for smart, climate neutral houses and cities
The next natural step in the development is to construct and maintain buildings and cities that are not based on finite energy resources and that have a “zero to none” pollution policy.. Smart cities use data and technology to improve sustainability, create financial growth and improve life quality for people who live there.

We need technology for a new type of energy
More decentralised and renewable energy productions along with a fleet of electrical vehicles is fundamentally changing our energy consumption. The infrastructure in the energy distribution is an oligopoly. More people and companies want to decrease their dependency and provide their own energy solutions.

The possibilities to build for the future have never been greater, and the techno- economical complexity is significant. To reach the goal of being an emission free society we need smart and renewable sources of energy. Already today we see solutions such as connected homes and smart energy storage systems change the conditions for the future of the energy business.

At Hisland we work for a more sustainable world and we are constantly updated with the latest science. We’d love to contribute with our competence- for all our future.

Let’s do this. Together!

Contact our business developer for Energy, Kenneth LARSSON:

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