New Hislander!

2019-12-17 19:00:00

Hisland Solutions proudly presents our new Finance, Project and Sales Coordinator! Danielle Åkesson has been assigned, as a strategic resource, to develop and coordinate Hislands Solutions transformation and focus towards new challenges and continued growth.

In recent years, Danielle has been a key person within the organization Norex International AB, with great insight into the entire Group's operations as a CEO Assistant. There, she had a multidimensional role as CEO assistant, project coordinator, responsible for coordination of salaries and all other HR-related tasks, events, etc.

Danielle has also played a central coordinating role in the implementation of new business systems (CRM), company acquisitions; establish communication plans, integration processes and external communication in general terms. Her experience with fast-growing companies but also her understanding of a process approach is longed-for  and an important strategic puzzle piece for Hisland. Danielle's experience as a consultant at Volvo Financial Services and insight into Corporate Governance give us opportunities to gain and develop an even better structure in the management group and board work.

- "I believe that by lifting each other up as colleagues and working together as a team, the business can and will reach the desired heights," says Danielle Åkesson.

Her areas of responsibility, in our new organization, will be in PMO (Project Management Officer), FINANCE and MAD (Market Admin). This means that she will have a broad role commuting between CAO (Jörgen) and CMO (Kenneth). Danielle starts her job at Hisland Solutions on the 9th of January. The idea is to strike a balance between the strategic work and the operational where the strategic has been left aside for a while.

The consulting industry is undergoing a major change. Hisland will continue its journey and undergo several important transformations in the coming years. We want to continue developing ourselves as a modern innovative consultancy company with delivering front edge experts that delivers potent holistic solutions to cities. We are confident that, with Danielle on board, we will continue this journey by further strengthening our positions with our employees and the strategy we are jointly laying down," says Jörgen BJÖRK, CEO & President of Hisland Group.

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