New colleague!

2017-03-02 16:00:00

We are pleased to inform you that we have appointed our strategic role – “Finance and Office Manager”, with Mai Ilkko.She is an experienced Finance accountant with broad knowledge in process and the IT/IS area. She has a excellent background in technology-oriented companies and will provide an analytical mind in both the operational and strategic work of our expansive growth. Mai will help us in developing a long-term solution for the administrative infrastructure as well as websites and optimizing processes together with our work with digitizing workflows.

With her solid background in IT / IS, she has also worked as an ERP administrator where she maintained and developed the web content and web-based marketing platform. This together with her studies in informatics gives her interesting theoretical know-how on how to establish sustainable processes, system development and system management.

Mai loves a working environment where she feels challenged, where innovation strives and personal development with high ambitions are key elements. With that said, we welcome Mai to the Hisland (Himec) environment covering these three pillars.

Hisland (Himec) Solutions look forward to Mai’s support in using smart solutions to support organizational processes, where IT systems becomes natural tools adapted to the user and their workflow.

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