Innovation management for sustainable system change

2021-05-25 15:00:00

Hisland Solutions is one of the speakers at RISE and VINNOVA's conference, roughly translated to - Innovation management for sustainable system transition - How we make it happen

The major challenges require system-level change. Actors from the public sector, industry and civil society must contribute and work together to create sustainable solutions. Complex social, environmental and technical challenges require the ability to lead and organize systematic renewal work under uncertainty – innovation management. Innovation work must be done with a holistic perspective where mission, strategy, processes, organizational culture, collaboration, insights and ideas, are part of systematic innovation management work to enable system innovation.

Kenneth Larsson_CMO_Hisland SolutionsFrom Hisland, Kenneth Larsson, who is one of the founders of Hisland and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), will talk about how they work for "Getting started with systematic innovation management in an SME.

Participate in a dialogue on how different actors contribute to increasing innovation capacity in the national innovation support system, as well as listen to thought leaders in the public sector, industry and civil society, as well as academia and industry on how systematic innovation management can contribute to sustainable system transition.

Be inspired by stories about how organizations work with systematics and ability building in their innovation work, as well as network with others during workshops and virtual mingling

The live broadcast will take place on May 26 at 13:00. Sign up via the link: Innovation Management for Sustainable System Change

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