Hisland is switching!

2020-04-08 16:00:00

We dream of a future where everyone aspire to make difference – together for a better world.

Our vision is our guiding star and to achieve our goal we are now strengthening our focus. The responsibility for our future lies with ourselves and we see that cities have a great potential for improvement in the total contribution to life on our planet. We believe that our environment and human health should be in focus and through technology we have the opportunity to contribute to promoting effects actually becoming reality. With experience from many different industries, we have great conditions for Innovation, which will come in handy for developing the future, together with companies that share our vision.

We are convinced that collaboration is an important ingredient for taking humanity forward in a sustainable way, and we therefore need to provide people with the right tools and conditions for this to happen. Our ambition is, with our combined expertise of embedded systems and software development, to give innovation power to the projects that build our sustainable future.

Feel free to contact Hisland and we will tell you more about our potential contribution in your projects and what opportunities we can create together!

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