Hisland is looking for a new house guest!

2021-07-24 14:00:00

Do you, as Hisland, believe in the possibility of creating a better world with technology, i.e. contribute to creating a world possible to live in and which has not been overly negatively affected by humanity? If you answer yes to this question, read on!

We are convinced that the technology of the future linked to environmental challenges has not yet seen the light of day, which Covid 19 is an unfortunate but fresh example of. New technology and new needs are constantly creating new conditions for life on earth, and we believe that this must be met with new innovations in order to gain balance in the evolution of humanity - this is our focus. With innovation, we want to contribute to a better world and our mission is to get as many people as possible to work together for this. 

Our leadership is based on creating curiosity and the desire to experiment by acknowledging people's commitment. We want to create the right innovation culture that works to ensure that our vision is fulfilled at all levels in the group - from owners and all the way out, for real.


We are now looking for a company that shares our vision and can support our future innovation projects? With our office, our intention is to create a place where people in collaboration create or strengthen already successful entrepreneurs who develop pioneering companies. If you see that you can identify yourself in this vision, then we are convinced we could be a nice match.


At Hisland, we strive to create an environment based on care, learning, cooperation, and teamwork. A place where people, ideas and business are given space to grow, together in our journey towards a future we have chosen to define as "SMART CITIES". The smart city that will require cross-border collaborations and right now we are fortunate to have space available in our 400 m2 premises on Lindholmen (where it happens).

Everything is included so you can focus on your work. Good coffee / tea, great WIFI connection, fruit and much more. You have the opportunity for fitness facilities (approx. 300 m from our office hosted by Nordic Wellness). 

We have +20 places in open and closed environments. Contact us and we will tell you more and discuss the best solution for your needs!

Contact: info@hisland.se or call us: +46 31-20 24 00

Watch our introductory film at: Office Space @Hisland


A Hislander thinks "outside the box" and offers the customer unexpected solutions, which can give them wings to fly even higher, even further. We are constantly trying to create new innovations and pave the way for a new "think".

We do not believe in obstacles but explore new perspectives with a clear intention to achieve the desired goal for the benefit of all. To put it simply, we make things happen.

Read more at: www.hisland.se

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