Hisland (Himec) @ UK Offshore Wind 2017

2017-06-26 16:00:00

Hisland (Himec) Solutions was part of the Offshore Wind 2017 in UK together with partner Crest Consultant and Varvsudden. During our visit, we could meet and discuss future wind project with Key Players covering every aspect of offshore wind.

It was two busy days where we tried to cover more than 400 exhibitors showcasing their brand, products, and services in two enormous exhibition halls. During our visits, we met with representatives from offshore market leaders addressing the opportunities and challenges facing offshore wind. As we believe that Hisland (Himec) Solutions with its partners should be part of the movement, nothing could stop us from the chance to initiate the technological and build market connections necessary to power our wind industry forward. We believe that by demonstrating the ambition of our company participating at the offshore wind 2017 we ensure to innovate and build the base of creativity to support necessary to push offshore wind to the next level.

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