Hisland (Himec) is supporting the Swedish Energy agency

2015-04-20 14:00:00

The 1st of June 2014, the Act (2014: 266) on energy audits in large companies (EKL) was rolled out in Sweden. The Act aims to promote improved energy efficiency in large companies. The Swedish Energy Agency is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the law.

The law is part of fulfilling the requirements of the EU energy directives, EED (Directive 2012/27 / EU) that is imposed on the Member States. Under the law, large companies have an obligation to make quality assured energy audits at least every four years.

The energy audit will provide answers to how much energy annually is supplied and used to run the business. The energy audit will also give suggestions on cost-effective measures that the company can take to reduce their costs, reduce energy consumption and thus improve energy efficiency.

During the introduction of the Act, the Energy Agency has developed a special process to enable enterprises to have the opportunity to do an energy audit of the operations that result in good basis for action. First transmission shall take place not later than 5 December 2015.

Both business in the private and public sectors are affected by the law because the law complies with the size criteria that the EU has set for large companies and financial criteria. Important note is that it is the companies themselves who must determine whether they are covered by the law.

The energy audit shall be conducted by a qualified person called “certifierad energikartläggare” (Certified Energy Auditor). As company there are options such as certified energy or environmental management system that includes energy that meets the legal requirements or having own certified personnel that meets the skills requirements, or but not least an outsourced supporting partner such as Hisland (Himec) Solutions.

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