Are you a Contractor looking for new assignments?

2021-09-27 22:00:00

Are you a Contractor looking for new assignments?

Then we have something for you. Do you, like Hisland, believe in the possibility of improving the world with technology, ie. contribute to creating a world possible to live in and which has not been overly negatively affected by humanity? If you answer is yes to this question read on!

We are convinced that the technology of the future linked to environmental challenges has not yet seen the light of day, which i.a. Covid 19 is an unfortunate but fresh example of.

New technology and new needs

…are constantly creating new conditions for life on earth and we believe that this must be met with new innovations to gain balance in the evolution of humanity - this is our focus. With innovation, we want to contribute to a better world and our mission is to get as many people as possible to work together for this.

We are now looking for self-employed contractors

that share our beliefs and think that you can be part of the solution supporting our current and future customers' digital innovation projects reducing the CO2 footprint and more?

Are you:

- Project manager with experience from digital technology or projects

- Software developer with experience in C, C ++ with project management skills

- System architect background within Software Architecture

- Electrical and mechanical Engineer

- Mechatronics Engineer

- Plant designer

- Project engineer

- Process engineer

As you can see, we have exciting assignments for you!

With Hisland, our intention is to create a place where people in collaboration create or strengthen already successful entrepreneurs who develop pioneering companies. If you see that you can identify yourself in this "idea", then we are a perfect match.

Send your CV to work (at) and mark the title with "Hisland Contractor". We look forward getting to know you as well as being part of the solution, are you?!

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