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@ Hisland, we believe that organizations will best prosper when we are deeply aligned with people's strongest motive, which is to grow.

We are now reaching out globally for engineers adding value to the Swedish market within the Energy sector. We believe in establishing mutual gain in all sustainable relationships and you will be the Bridge in establishing the collaboration that will strengthen not only our customers in Sweden, but also your home country.

See the ambition communicated by the two owners in this video.

Are you curious and flexible and  passionate about helping our customers become even better. Do you feel that way too? 

Apply via link: Project Manager - SCADA/EMS Engineering

Hisland Solutions with team look forward to your application!


2023-03-16 17:00:00


This week (week 11) we initiate our Recruitment Process!

In our spirit or culture we have something called curiosity! Curiosity is weaved together with solution orientation and flexibility which generates new perspectives. Many call it innovation, but the important thing for us is to create value for companies that contribute to a better world with the latest technology.

Do you believe in collaborations to contribute to a better world? Are you our next important link in our relationship building with other countries and companies using front edge technology? Our ambition is to recruit global talent with diversified backgrounds that give us new perspectives. Our curious and flexible employees are passionate about helping our customers become even better. Do you feel that way too?

What does the engineers say about Hisland Solutions, see youtube video below?

Apply via link: Software Engineer with Business Acumen

Hisland Solutions and team look forward to your application!


At Hisland, we believe that the most interesting future technology is linked to environmental challenges that have not yet seen the light of day. New technology and new needs are constantly creating new conditions for life on earth, and we believe that this must be met with new innovations to achieve balance in the evolution of humanity - this is where our focus lies. With our office, our intention is to create a place where people in collaboration create or strengthen already successful entrepreneurs who develop ground-breaking companies.

Hisland believes in collaboration and synergies in our journey towards a future we have chosen to define as "SMART CITIES". The smart city will require cross-border collaborations and our joint journey continues.


With innovation, we want to contribute to a better world and our mission is to get as many people as possible to work together for this. Our leadership is based on creating curiosity and an appetite for experimentation by seeing and confirming people's commitment. We want to create the right culture of innovation that works to ensure that our vision is fulfilled at all levels in the group - from owners and all the way out, for real.


In our intention to create an innovative environment, we have the pleasure of now sharing our visions through our new tenant in the innovative company Datavärde Norden AB who shares our reality. It is with great fascination that we get to follow Dag, Torbjörn and Hamed with team and their journey as an innovative dynamic Software Organisation designing and innovating with new services and system concepts. Through them we are experiencing the power of Data mining where they are finding new value streams as well as system solutions for their customers. All this combined with their battery background they are developing smart battery systems for the future.

We are proud having them as a tenant, learn from them and the pleasure of being inspired by them as they really are a company at the forefront driving the development in AI System Solutions.

Please help us welcome Datavarde Norden AB to the Hisland Community & Friends arena!

In the picture: Dag LUNDSTRÖM, CEO – Datavärde Norden AB and Jörgen BJÖRK, CVO – Hisland Solutions AB

Hisland Solution is together with a real estate company collaboration to analyze the possibilities of building a virtual power plant that would be the first of its kind in the Gothenburg area. Virtual power plants are a concept where already existing property resources such as ventilation systems, heat pumps and charging posts are connected virtually. Creating virtual power plants is a flexible and sustainable solution for balancing the electricity grid, where existing facilities can be used at the same time as, for example, property owners who have energy resources are offered new revenue streams.

Virtual Power Plant - Hisland Solutions

As part of Hisland Solutions movement to Smart Cities, one of their strategic milestones has been to move from having software developers focusing exclusively on the Automotive Sector. The idea with the transfer, among other things, is to use the front edge tech-knowledge from the Automotive sector and use it in other sectors like the energy sector. Early in the transformation process Hisland Solutions got trust from the wind power sector and are today working with several global wind power companies and their projects in different parts of the world (+30 countries) where they’ve had to contribute as a technical expertise through, but not limited to, fabrication support, Quality Assurance and Legal Mapping as well as Technical Due Diligence support.

Having a Smart City focus, they are now able to work with opportunities in developing strategic collaborations with the real estate sector. For Hisland this is an exciting development opportunity within, but not limited to energy savings, new revenue streams and power optimization.

The initial phase of the collaboration consists of identifying, through a gap-analysis, the hidden potential for a virtual power plant like the one they built in Väla Centrum outside Helsingborg. Together with their partners they intend to look at where the new opportunities could be developed creating new value streams, financial acumen like EU funding, but also national innovations funds such as support from Vinnova or the Swedish Energy Agency.

Jörgen Björk CEO Hisland Solutions"Considering the winter's newspaper headlines such as Electricity prices reach a new record today - expensive winter awaits, is of course a major challenge for our customers and companies in general, which is of course a concern, financially in particular. But at the same time, the current situation is driving the will to innovate and pushing our customers in Hisland Solutions direction  for smarter and more sustainable solutions, which is something we are passionate about supporting our customer with.”; says Jörgen BJÖRK, CEO of Hisland Solutions.

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

A virtual power plant consists of several interconnected energy resources that can supply or extract power from the electricity system, similar to a physical power plant. As a result, a virtual power plant can contribute to balancing (frequency regulation) of the electricity grid, something that is becoming increasingly important in a growing proportion of renewable energy sources in Sweden's energy production. The Swedish market for frequency regulation of electricity, which has previously been reserved for electricity producers, was also opened to electricity consumers in May 2019. In this specific project, the energy resources are spread over more than +300,000 m2 of commercial space with exciting energy resources.

"From a Hisland Solutions perspective, we are very happy to break new ground in Sweden together with our customer," says Jörgen Björk, CEO at Hisland Solutions. He continues, “As we perceive it right now, there is an interesting hidden potential in the current conditions as well as the Return On Investment together with our opportunity to identify new revenue streams with the customer. We have exercised our business model and are able to see that it works perfectly for this type of problem-solving innovative solutions. Especially those that requires external experts and partnerships for the benefit of our customer. In short it means that we gather companies in the forefront of technology as well as innovation where we align us with the customers' needs and together find the best solution and way forward. We truly believe that 2022 will be an interesting year beside everything else going on in the world right now.

What is the potential?

Hisland Solution believes that investments around virtual power plants will be a smart, energy-saving, and long-term sustainable solution where existing facilities can be used more energy-smart. Expansion of the grid will be a challenge for many years to come. This opens the opportunity for property owners who have energy resources to develop and find new income and value streams. Without having started the project (planned to be initiated in H1-2022), Hisland Solutions' business analysts already see glimpses of the hidden potential, from a purely technical perspective but also new more innovative revenue streams that energy resources can have such as EV charging stations, smartness in lighting, handling heating / cooling and much more through IoT solutions that could be integrated into an ecosystem (infrastructure) that enables and provides conditions for a value-creating virtual power plant solution.

Kenneth Larsson Sales and Market Hisland SolutionsPersonally, I am really impressed by our customer who is serious in taking thorough steps towards identifying the possibilities of the exciting world we are passionate about expanding and are convinced is necessary in all business - innovation and long-term sustainable solutions. It is the smartest survival strategy for the future”; says Kenneth Larsson, Sales and Marketing Manager for Hisland. He concludes by clarifying: “The commission of trust our customer is showing us is something we work hard for and completely in line with our passion, direction and knowledge but also business model. It will be a very exciting phase where we, together with our expert partners, are given the scope to identify the hidden potential that exists in the technology connected to virtual power plants and present sustainable solutions to an already motivated customer. Ultimately, our common goal is to create conditions for a larger share of renewable energy in the power system, which in the long term leads to a reduction in emissions in our atmosphere. After all, we only have one globe!


About Hisland Solutions

Hisland is a consulting company offering project management of front edge technology and development of software for function and system solutions that intends to develop data-driven and sustainable solutions in real estate, energy sector and urban development under the collective name Smart City.

Read more about Hisland Solutions at: Hisland Solutions

Are you a Contractor looking for new assignments?

Then we have something for you. Do you, like Hisland, believe in the possibility of improving the world with technology, ie. contribute to creating a world possible to live in and which has not been overly negatively affected by humanity? If you answer is yes to this question read on!

We are convinced that the technology of the future linked to environmental challenges has not yet seen the light of day, which i.a. Covid 19 is an unfortunate but fresh example of.

New technology and new needs

…are constantly creating new conditions for life on earth and we believe that this must be met with new innovations to gain balance in the evolution of humanity - this is our focus. With innovation, we want to contribute to a better world and our mission is to get as many people as possible to work together for this.

We are now looking for self-employed contractors

that share our beliefs and think that you can be part of the solution supporting our current and future customers' digital innovation projects reducing the CO2 footprint and more?

Are you:

- Project manager with experience from digital technology or projects

- Software developer with experience in C, C ++ with project management skills

- System architect background within Software Architecture

- Electrical and mechanical Engineer

- Mechatronics Engineer

- Plant designer

- Project engineer

- Process engineer

As you can see, we have exciting assignments for you!

With Hisland, our intention is to create a place where people in collaboration create or strengthen already successful entrepreneurs who develop pioneering companies. If you see that you can identify yourself in this "idea", then we are a perfect match.

Send your CV to work (at) and mark the title with "Hisland Contractor". We look forward getting to know you as well as being part of the solution, are you?!

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