Managing Director, Mr. Tonny Hansen decided to address the opportunity or challenge within the Wind Power industry at their site in Sweden. After almost a year of hard work with their strategic partner Hisland (Himec) Solutions allowed Varvsudden, Heavy Industry Park of Öresund to develop a solution toward the Wind Power business. As Tonny says;

“There are several challenges within the Wind Power business. One of them is the capacity demand from the growing wind-industry together with the challenge of reducing the cost of energy.”

Varvsudden gave its technical expert, Hisland (Himec) Solutions, who was awarded the role as technical advisor covering design and business development of production facility, clear directives to lead the transformation of Heavy Industry towards smart and modern production technology. With the site located in Landskrona, Sweden, Mr. Tonny Hansen says,

“We are convinced that Sweden and our location give us access to the best engineers in the world and the site location provides the necessary conditions that enable us to design and build production facilities supporting renewable, modern, high-quality and profitable production.”

Tonny and his team early discussed the challenge of a production facility in Sweden. This meant that Sweden must compete with low cost countries and they targeted early development of smart design production concepts together with innovative solutions instead of competing with the lowest price. Mr. Tonny Hansen continues by stating

“We have to be uncompromising in our pursuit towards high quality as well as include the sustainability aspect and optimize our processes using the latest technology to deliver profitable production for the offshore wind power business.”

And he truly believes that Sweden is the best country for his high ambitions. The site is located close to Malmo and Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a perfect location for heavy foundation production for the offshore wind industry and will help contribute to Sweden's energy goal to run the country entirely on renewable energy by 2040 as well as the northern off shore wind power market. Mr. Tonny Hansen states,

“we have high ambitions and with Hisland (Himec) Solutions Wind Energy team we have been able to create two realistic offshore wind foundation production designs, down to the smallest detail out of many possible, for an area of approx. 125,000 square meters.”

The design developed consists of two options for the area:
a) large jacket foundations
b) large Monopiles (MPs) and corresponding Transitions Pieces (TPs). The expected yearly capacity is up to + 180,000 tonnes per year.

Charlotta Noren, Area Manager Energy at Hisland (Himec) Solutions, was proud for receiving the trust from Varvsudden and stated:

"This project is representative of the favourable Scandinavian and European wind market. There are increasing opportunities in the region and we are pleased to be able to help clients in making important investment decisions based on our experience gained from international projects."

In the picture: Mr. Tonny Hansen, Managing Director - Varvsudden and Karsten Dan Andersen


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