• Client case

A cold day in February, Fredrik CEO of Fameco, calls Hisland to ask for help. He has a critical situation, and almost no time.

The challenge that Fredrik and Fameco were facing was a bit like trying to ascend the K2 without any gear.
It was really about getting their management system upgraded and certified according to IATF 16949, but it felt like climbing one of the highest and most difficult mountains in the world.

Fameco’s previous guide had mostly climbed solo, and when he was no longer there no one knew what had to be done or how to do it. A temporary guide tried to get the others to start moving again but couldn’t get them onboard and he only reached basecamp. And there they were. In their tents, soaking wet and cold. After the first visit from the Certifying organisation (CO), the mountain felt higher and even more challenging than before. And that’s when Hisland appeared as an alternative solution. The head of sales at Fameco was a friend of one on the founders of Hisland and had on a previous ski trip talked about their predicament.

Because of Hisland’s long experience of this type of mountain climbing everyone was quickly out of their tents, and with a mindset of going “ all in”. So, all individuals grouped together with a rope and with the Sherpa in the lead, they soon forgot about the cold and the high altitude.

They rapidly worked out a plan together. The ascending was set to be in three steps where the first one was about creating trust with the CO. It was important to show that they were in control. Not only were they aware about the challenges but also knowing that previous tries had failed.

Now, step two was about increasing knowledge about climbing but also the understanding of how to do it in with safety and stamina. The voice of the Sherpa was heard in the valleys day and night. And not before long, there would be other voices as well, equally driven. Everyone was important, and they all knew what needed to be done and what was at stake.

With a new understanding and a fresh way of seeing things, and well…the new culture, the last step was an easy one. Most of the flaws in the system were fundamentally corrected. New ways of working, new methods and most of all a deeper understanding now permeated the team.

To make a long story short, everyone reached the top, and not only that, they all came down safe and sound. Once back in base camp, the CO was waiting there with the certificate. And most importantly, Fredrik the CEO was already planning the next mountain climbing.

Fredrik Schultz (CEO – Fameco Group) och Kenneth Larsson (Business Development – Hisland Group)

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