Hisingen - an island with a thrilling story. 

In the 1960s Gothenburg was thriving due to a strong shipping industry that generated jobs in the area creating an economic upswing. As one of the strongest competitors in Europe we got blinded of our success and realized to late that the global development had caught up and surpassed us. There were severe cut-backs and a whole business was on the verge of disaster. The depression was a fact. 
Now, more than three decades later, the situation is totally different. The empty, almost ghost-like dockyards have new tenants, cutting-edge hi-tech companies are established, and we are seeing a new prosperous era rising. We learned our lesson, we know that if we don’t develop and are determined to change, we too will be history. We’ve realized the hard way that creating and fulfilling new ideas are not only short-term based, but they are also necessary for long-term survival.  


What history has taught us is that humans must continuously evolve to meet our ever-changing world. We are a Consultant company and our employees have very successfully strengthened our customers and enabled the technology behind Smart products and services in Software and Electronics. Our employees have during many years created value for our customers as project members and been involved in driving Sweden's industrial development forward in cutting-edge technologies. We are extremely proud of this!  
In our journey, we have also managed to be selected as one of Sweden's absolute fastest growing companies. At the same time, we have also been anchored in humility towards the environmental changes and our place in it to achieve our purpose - to contribute to a better world. Based on our previous company development, we want to create the best conditions for a stronger future and therefore continue to build a sustainable foundation for our success – The eternally evolving Leadership. We develop our customers with people who are constantly developing to empower new perspectives. With that as a starting point, we constantly drive development forward to capture a better tomorrow as a repeating mantra. 


Balancing on the brink of death is something we have become accustomed to and we’ve chosen to constantly develop our abilities. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of our technology areas using the power of a diversified and including approach. For this reason, we are confidently targeting candidates outside of Sweden to strengthen our customers with new influences and people with valuable experiences from different parts of the world. We are openminded but this time we are especially reaching out for engineers both from Kenya and Mauritius, countries which have built strong and innovative corporate climate the recent years. We believe in establishing mutual gain in all sustainable relationships and you will be the Bridge in establishing the collaboration that will strengthen not only our customers in Sweden, but also your home country.  


We are a growing company where quality always precede quantity and we believe that what you sow you will reap. Our organization needs people who are flexible because we often need to sit on more than one chair. You will have a variety of tasks and assignments, no day will be the same, but still, you will exercise daily by keeping your holistic view developing the business.  
By far the most important thing will be your ability to adapt to new conditions and cultures. In your coming profession as a consultant, being able to listen to our customers and understand their curses will constitute an important function in our internal business development process. Therefore, you must have the ability to zoom out from your area of expertise adding value to the whole, where we see that companies in your home country can become an important part of a new solutions taking our customers forward with new perspectives. It will therefore require a high level of ability and willingness to establish partnerships, within your area of expertise, in the country where you come from. 
Hisland has changed offensively in recent years, which has challenged our current administrative structure in several different ways. It is of utmost importance that you have a hunger big enough to row this in port based on a start from scratch. Your discipline will be challenged, and it is therefore important that you are persistent but also can handle conditions that change during our common journey. 


Our customers need resource support in software development for continuing creating competitive products in the future as well. As a Lead Software Engineer, your mission will be to develop our business adding value that smarten our customers reaching the next level. In addition to software development, you will also be involved in our business development process.

This includes but is not limited to: 
For Hisland: 

  • Identify customer needs to be communicated to the organization. 
  • Create and develop strategic partnerships with suppliers in your home country. 
  • Contribute to developing a process approach to your work. 
  • Manage business development projects. 
  • Create and maintain internal and external training within areas of expertise. 
  • Support Market team with procurement work. 


At Customer: 

  • Receive and understand technical briefs delivered by clients or senior management. 
  • Outline plans for software development, setting deadlines, delegating tasks and identify markers of success. 
  • Coordinate team of software developers and engineers to complete all necessary tasks within a project. 
  • Undertake practical software development work as part of the team. 
  • Research relevant technical requirements and ensure that deliverables meet requirements. 
  • Troubleshoot and identify solutions to problems. 
  • Oversee software testing procedures. 
  • Respond to errors or faults identified during software testing. 
  • Record development methods and procedures.  
  • Deliver updates on project progress. 
  • Mentoring junior team members. 


Your Personality 

You are an excellent team player and always look after the team's best from a long-term perspective. On the other hand, you enjoy taking your own responsibility and working individually in the direction that you think is best for achieving our goals. With a passionate approach in contributing to the outside world you are extremely committed in finding methods to influence. You are curious and understand the importance of starting from our customers' needs (an outside-in approach) that creates the conditions for a successful solution orientation. We believe that you have a well-developed ability to inspire others by seeing and confirming – “a good listener”. You are curious and have a large portion of a desire to experiment where your mind set can see defeat as an opportunity for learning. Growing up, you were probably the one in the class who went your own way, simply because you understood the context earlier than anyone else and were driven by your beliefs that what you were doing was right. In your humility to this fact, you probably got several followers when it turned out time and time again that you were able to choose the right path.  

Your characteristics 

  • Curious 
  • Flexible 
  • Solution-oriented 
  • Collaborative 
  • Disciplined 
  • Business-oriented 
  • Proactive 


Your experience

  • Built systems using a micro-services architecture on .Net Core platform and/or Microsoft Azure. 
  • At least ten (10) years of using C# and TypeScript/JavaScript as implementation languages.  
  • One or more of following technology areas Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, SQL databases, UI frameworks like Vue.  
  • Architecture modelling and software design patterns.  
  • Great communication and presentation skills.  
  • Excellent in written and spoken English, Swedish is a bonus.  
  • Minimum Bachelor university degree from IT, Computer science or similar education. 
  • Driving license B. 


You are with us in a mission where success will be highly dependent on how we cooperate in relation to your Personal plan. This is determined as your very first thing and will constantly be challenged during your development in the company. At the same time this will be your foundation in contributing to our vision.  
Once on a consultant assignment at our customers, you will receive full support from our leaders and business developers to evolve in the necessary areas. This means that you need to have a strong ability maintaining good communication despite being highly involved in other projects. Our collaboration will require a large portion of split-vision to drive your Personal plan forward where our technical tools are computer-based applications such as Office 365. With that, we are expecting to maintain a continuous dialogue even during periods when we do not have the opportunity to see each other in a traditional physical meeting.  
We understand that the world is constantly changing. Therefore, our success is completely dependent on how well our employees handle never-ending changing conditions. The eternally evolving Leadership is about giving you tools to continuously develop in your profession. A methodology that strengthens your self-awareness and creates great values in how you deal with life in general. 

Selection will take place on an ongoing basis, send your application no later than 2023-04-17. 

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