Everything started on Hisingen Island more than 30 years ago. Then, they threw a leather ball between them and planned strategic handball onsets. The goal was to work for the team - together towards the next win. Little did they know that they would meet again three decades later - in a totally different type of challenge.

After nearly ten years as self-employed, Jörgen Björk ran in to his old handball friend Kenneth Larsson whom he had not seen in 20 years. They quickly realised that they once again had a common dream - to merge entrepreneurship with the development of advanced technology. They also shared the vision of a greater meaning, a higher purpose. A platform for growth started to take shape. They wanted to give back to that special place that had shaped them, both as entrepreneurs and as men - Hisingen Island. The fact is that the company name would come to change from Hisland (Himec) to Hisland, but more on that later.

The business plan came into shape. The company was going offer engineer and management services- a professional expertise, always with a personal touch and with a clear business case. Following this, the service offer was broadened to also include training service and an incredibly expansion phase began. In 2016 offshore wind energy was added as a part of the complete offer which today includes Automotive, Industry and Energy.


Hisingen is where it happens….Our origin and home that has meant so much to us. From the teenage handball playing kids to the adult entrepreneurs that we have become. We wanted to tell our story. We gather under the brand Hisland. The name is a combination of Hisingen Island. It is our history, but it also reflects the strong industrial background, the unyielding drive and the multicultural and international atmosphere of the area.

Back to the present day. Lately we have been preparing for our expansion through a new structure in our fresh brand - Hisland.

Hisland Solutions offer services that support companies with the latest technology, useful innovations and charming solutions. We implement the technology that paves way to smart products and services through our international and talented group of colleagues. Our company is growing but we will forever be rooted on Hisingen. This is something we are proud of and how we want it to be. With Hisland we create a platform where dreams and ideas can come true.


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